The most important watch among Rolex,Replica watch guide to bring you up to knowledge

The Daytona was specially developed for professional drivers. It was first launched in 1963 with its reliable and outstanding performance, laying a brilliant achievement for the racing world. Daytona has now become one of the most classic watches in the watch industry, and its value-added space is large.

Some styles have even sold surprisingly high prices at auctions, enjoying the reputation of being the king of chronographs. The watch is equipped with a patented chronograph mechanism and a speed scale outer ring, allowing the rider to accurately measure the elapsed time and calculate the average speed.

The outer ring of the scale speedometer of the Daytona watch can measure the elapsed time through the chronograph function to calculate the speed per hour. Regardless of whether its speed measurement unit is kilometers or miles, it is an ideal timepiece for calculating speeds of up to 400-speed units per hour.

It is hard to imagine that Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona was sold at a high price of 19 million U.S. dollars million in 2017, and it was called “the most expensive stainless steel watch in history.”

So today, we are talking about the 116515LN Daytona, a small facelift with a diameter of 40mm, which was launched in 2011. It is the first Daytona to use a ceramic outer ring + 18k Everose gold, with a public price of 37,000 US dollars.

The Cerachrom outer ring is a major feature of Rolex watches, so Rolex has also applied for a patent. The Cerachrom outer ring is made of a special ceramic material that is extremely hard, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant and will not fade even if exposed to ultraviolet light.

Everyone knows that ordinary rose gold materials will gradually lose their original color with the passage of time, especially when they are exposed to some common chemicals in life; it is easier to fade rose gold.

Faced with this problem, Rolex created 18k Everose Gold. No other brand except Rolex can do this. By adding a certain proportion of platinum, even after long-term wear, the rose gold can keep its bright color forever.

The Daytona with a chocolate-colored dial, the Arabic numerals on the dial are made of K gold and are plated with black in PVC, which echoes the black ceramic bezel.

It is very rare in the color matching of Rolex watches before, so this watch is one. It caused quite a stir.

The design of the Oyster case is also applied to this Daytona. The screw-in bottom cover and screw-in handle design are extremely waterproof.

The biggest feature is the chronograph function. The hour markers are made of 18K white gold coated with Lao’s own chroma light luminous material. The central second hand of the timer can be accurate to 1/8 second. The chronograph dials at nine o’clock and three o’clock respectively display hours and minutes. It is convenient to read the timing time. Daytona has two extra buttons.

When the buttons are not in use, they can be screwed in like a crown to ensure 100 meters of water resistance. The two buttons are to start, pause or reset the timing function. The speedometer scale on the outer ring reads real-time speed data after driving a certain distance, making the timing more reliable and accurate. The stainless steel bezel is equipped with a scaled speedometer on the outer ring, which is strong and elegant.

Among many watch brands, Rolex is undoubtedly what everyone wants to have. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, strong durability, good waterproof effect, and high value-preserving space.

Its Daytona series are precise, durable, and value-preserving. Sexually, there is no doubt. If you also like to browse articles about Rolex, you can pay attention to our website-a website that focuses on making luxury replica watches. Our aim is not to let you down.

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