“Coquettish” also see the blue series of the duplicate watch.

In today’s watch color matching era, bright colors but more can attract the eyes of the vast majority of players, among which “blue” is the most special; it is different from other eye-catching eye-catching eye-catching colors but has its trace of calm and elegant, compared with the deep dark dumb black and add a noble, dominant. This article will recommend three beautiful designs of the blue series of replica watches.

Replica Rolex Submariner 16618 Men 40MM

Watch review:

First of all, we have a Rolex replica of the Submariner watch. The case is 40mm in size and made of gold. The watch comes with a gold chain and a blue dial—internally equipped with automatic movement, excellent accuracy, and magnetic resistance. The most impressive feature is the evident hand and time scale, including the scale on the outer ring, which is designed to be underwater and legible. Tiny bubbles on the table mirror are a Rolex iconic element; let this watch add a little fun. The dial with black shading and white scale is apparent; the pointer is the most classic Benzer needle (also known as Benz needle), time scale with a metal ring with white fluorescent coating dot, rectangle, and inverted triangle, which is a very standard Rolex practice.

The watch uses Rolex’s patented Cerachrom ceramic lettering and has non-slip pitted edges for improved operability. The bezel is made of 904L stainless Steel, filled with ceramic, and engraved on the surface. The lettering surface is covered with a skinny layer of platinum. Undeniably, in many diving watch brands, only the ring has a lot of patents and unique technology. A small fluorescent dot was specially designed at the 12 o ‘clock position as a reference point so that even when diving, it can be easy to tell the time. At present, most diving watches have this design. It has become a unique diving table iconic point.

Replica Rolex Date just 116200 Men 36mm

Watch review:

The second one brings you the Rolex log series. The 36mm diameter watch is made of Steel, and the sides of the case have been polished to give it a bit more shine than the soft steel material. Rolex has equipped the watch with a blue concentric Arabic dial that displays the date at the three o ‘clock position—equipped with automatic chain movement, waterproof 100 meters.

Log watches come in different sizes: 26, 31, 36, and 41 millimeters. Each watch has a different tone and modification effect of the dial; the material also has many choices. The dials include diamond-encrusted or mother-of-pearl styles, while the most exclusive ones are palm leaf and triangle resistance. Depending on the model’s size, the log has a 2235 or 2236 movement or the latest 3235 movements. These movement’s innovative elements ensure the accuracy and reliability of the watch, both from the power reserve and anti-seismic anti-magnetic aspects have been greatly improved.

Rolex Day Date 118239 Men’s – 36MM Platinum

Watch review:

The final watch is a Rolex week calendar reprint, with a platinum case and chain and a wavy blue Arabic dial, which is very personal and elegant. The 36mm case, with an automatic movement, is of excellent quality and reasonably priced.

The weekly calendar is the noblest and most noble model. It uses the case 950 platinum or 18ct gold precious material to create. The outer ring is equipped with various designs such as triangular anti-grain, polished or inlaid with precious stones. At the same time, the week calendar type also has different styles, colors, and materials to choose from; these exquisite designs make the Day Date type more outstanding. The week calendar-type oyster case is wholly sealed to give the precision movement the most exceptional protection to free it from water, dust, pressure, and impact. It is waterproof up to 100 meters deep and can be worn anytime. Rolex also mainly uses special tools to tighten the triangle anti-grain bottom cover so that the case achieves a complete seal, which can enhance the waterproof watch, so this design is one of the Rolex classic signs. Another critical component is the upper chain crown, which uses Rolex’s patented double-snap waterproof system to tighten the case. The second is with a clear and stable sapphire crystal glass mirror any time can view the time; in the table mirror also, set up a separate calendar window so it can be easy to read the date.

Summary: The above three blue watches give the audience an exquisite and dazzling aesthetic experience in the appearance design, not only to add a touch of elegant atmosphere in daily life but also to add noble temperament for the wearer on business occasions. This website promises 1:1 copy and provides the inexpensive, unique, exquisite structure of a high-quality replica table; after-sales service can help you solve the problem; in addition, we also issue a warranty card; if necessary, you can click the link in the exact address below to buy.

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